Country Living


One the best things about living out of the city is the wildlife! Spring has brought about many new visitors to our neck of the woods. Most recently are the marsh bunnies. They feed on the grass near the edge of the lake. While I enjoy watching them bounce about, my dog is less than thrilled that I won’t let him chase them. A couple of times, I have let him out not realizing the bunnies were there. Thankfully, they are skittish and very fast. One of them came right up to the tree you see in this picture this morning. My dog is having a fit scratching on the window, so that lasted about 10 seconds.


We also have mallards, a ton of crows (not my favorite), peregrine falcons, hawks and several other birds I cannot identify nor have I taken the time to try. We did have an 8 foot alligator last year but after the trapper came around, it relocated (thank goodness!).

Runners love it out here! There are so many places to run that allow good views of nature. Cows are my favorite 🙂 I keep trying to talk my husband into getting  a calf. I know it is not realistic, but I love them. I can’t imagine our neighbors would approve either.


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