Friends and Fun!

This weekend is the 25th Anniversary of my sorority Sigma Delta Tau being on the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!) campus. Many people turn their nose up at Greek life and while there can be negative aspects, I have only positive memories from my time as a sister. We learned about leadership, philanthropy and integrity. I met my very best friends in the sorority and we are still friends to this day! We call ourselves The Originals because we started with 5 of us and have adopted more girls over the years into our group. I love these girls as if they were my real sisters. We have been through dating, new jobs, weddings, babies, deaths and everything in between. The bond we have is unbreakable. I am really looking forward to the events this weekend and getting to reconnect with other sisters I have not seen in years! My “Big Sister” is coming in town and I am staying with her all weekend! SO excited!

Trip to see Melissa R- March 2013 027

Although Time Spins A Web

Although time spins a web
And we form a part
Every new day has its truth
And though we may grow wise
With the years of our lives
We will never scorn our youth
In the darkness we still seek
A new vision that we’ll keep
SDT will be our guiding light

Friendship and love
And a new special view
All these depend on what
Sig Delts will do
We’ve learned to love and to share
We’ll reach a hand and we’ll care
And SDT will be our light.


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