Life Lessons

This weekend was full of emotions! I mentioned we had our 25th Anniversary of my sorority being on campus as USF. We had a wonderful turnout of women of all ages. The active sisters did a fantastic job of putting together the weekend. I know that this was a HUGE task as it was 25 years in the making. We were honored to have 5 of the 18 founding sisters in attendance. I was able to spend time with women that were a huge part of my college experience and many of whom are a huge part of my present life. It was a weekend, I will never forget.

On Saturday, I was pulled away from the festivities to attend a memorial for my Uncle. He passed away last Sunday from a heart attack. The whole week I was dreading going to the event and was selfishly complaining about driving the hour and a half to the small town where the memorial would be held. In God’s greatness, He used this memorial to remind me how big He is and how sovereign He is. I was able to spend time with my entire family at once (which never happens) and I was able to hear my father share the Gospel. In a rare (and surreal) moment I was sitting between my parents worshiping the Lord and remembering a great man. I will cherish that moment for as long as I live.

There are so many times that life lessons are revealed to us and I wonder how many times we realize that is what they are. The lessons I took away from this weekend are simple. Cherish every moment you have with family and friends. You do not know if that moment will be the last moment. Live your life to the fullest. I am not saying be irresponsible and waste away your resources. I am saying be in the moment, every moment. Whether you are watching tv with your kids or taking a walk with your spouse. Be there and only there. We are pulled in too many directions with technology these days. It has robbed us of so many precious moments.

The other less important lessons I learned this weekend are that high heels are sadistic (my knees are killing me) and more than two drinks and I am up every hour. Welcome to the “closer to 40 than 30” age group!


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