Mindful Eating

I am in the process of earning my Nutrition & Wellness Counselor certification. The first half of the class material is a Personal Nutrition book which is jam packed with interesting info. I have moved on to book two which is Nutrition Counseling and Education Skill Development. I have so much to learn concerning counseling practices as my approach is usually more direct and bossy when trying to get someone to implement change. I have found that approach is not as effective as I had hoped.

I came across a section that I found extremely helpful and I think you might as well! Mindful eating, also called intuitive eating encourages us to find joy in the preparation and consumption of food. There are seven components of mindful eating. Implementing these steps can not only help you lose weight, they can also help you learn to enjoy your food!

Eat slowly, focus on eating, recognize inner cues, eat non-judgmentally, be aware of senses, be in the present, reflect on mindless eating, recognize interconnectedness, practice prayer or meditation.

Most of these actions are self-explanatory, however if you would like to learn more about mindful eating, you can visit The Center for Mindful Eating website. I feel it is important to mention that some of the ideas they implement lean toward New Age teaching, so if that bothers you take heed. I have learned how to extract and modify the information I find useful and apply it to my personal situation.


Try implementing these steps during your next meal. Invite a friend to join you and discuss what you learn. Food can be more than just fuel for the body, it can be a sensory experience. Just ask Remi from Disney’s Ratatouille!!!


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