28 Day Dairy-Free Challenge

I was perusing the internet today and came across the Dr. Oz 28 Day Dairy-Free Challenge. I have always felt like I had some sort of dairy intolerance, but I ignored the symptoms because cheese is just so terrific! The idea behind it is that dairy is often the sneaky culprit of many health issues. Many adults suffer from lactose intolerance or dairy allergies that manifest themselves through various ailments such as IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), throat congestion or stuffy nose, heartburn or weight gain. Contrarily, some people have no issue with dairy at all which I also find very fascinating.

The challenge seems easy enough. Each week, you cut out a certain type of dairy; Week 1 – milk, Week 2 – yogurt, Week 3 – ice cream and Week 4 – cheese. The hardest part for me will be the cheese. It has become a huge staple in my diet. My goal is to start this challenge April 29. We have a couple of leftovers to finish before we can embark on this journey (Breyer’s M&M Blast ice cream for one :)). My husband said he is up for it, so at least I will have a companion to hold my hand when I am having cheddar withdrawals.

I will post updates to let you know when I start and how it goes. I am interested to see how big of a lifestyle change it will be. If you decide to take the challenge, let me know! It is 28 days, how bad can it be?


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