the truth about carbs & low carb diets;

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Do carbohydrates make us fat? In short – no! Nor does fat, protein, or alcohol. What makes us fat is an over consumption of all of these macro-nutrients, therefore an over consumption of calories, generally backed up by too little exercise – everything in moderation is key.

However, carbohydrates tend to cop quite a hard thrashing by “health experts” who recommend low carb diets, and cutting carbs to produce significant weight loss. Let me explain to you why low carb diets are not the answer – and why you need (possibly more) carbohydrates in your diet!

Without providing too much chemistry, when carbohydrates (whether it be sugar or starch) are digested by the body they turn to glucose – which is the energy the nervous system (including the brain) uses to survive. Our body normally contains many glucose molecules, and with each glucose, 3 water molecules are attached. When we…

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