Food Should Taste Good (and these chips do!)

It is not often that I will promote snack foods but I first came across these chips when visiting my mother. She is always finding fun and (mostly) healthy new snacks. Then when my dad came to visit, he picked up a bag of the Sweet Potato and was hooked. Thankfully, they ship so he can get them up in the mountains where healthy snacks are hard to come by.

You may be thinking, “Big deal! Chips are chips.” Taste these chips and you will be changed! My husband, whose chips of choice are salt & vinegar potato chips, loves the blue corn and was more than happy to trade in his stand-by (which also made me happy).

My favorite thing about this brand (besides the taste) is that they use non-genetically modified (non-GMO) ingredients. With so many brands sacrificing cost for nutritional safety, this is a refreshing change. My second favorite thing is the minimal ingredients used. They post all the ingredients right on the bag in plain site. That tells me they are proud of their products!

I checked out the company website and they had some great recipes! I decided to try a few although I am content eating them right out of the bag!



sp_digimock (1)

The first one I tried was Avocado Hummus. I love avocados and I love hummus so combining the two only seemed natural.

I am new to the dry bean revolution and I completely forgot to cook the beans before I threw them in the food processor with the rest of the ingredients. I was not about to give  up on an entire bowl of hummus! I was able to get a smooth hummus mixture and I ended up baking it at 375 for about 30 minutes. I added fat-free, low sodium chicken broth before baking so it did not dry out. I do not recommend this plan, however it still tasted good. I tried it with the Multigrain and Cantina flavors. I am really looking forward to making this with cooked beans 🙂

My next adventure was the Skinny Spinach DipThis went a little smoother 🙂 I used frozen non-GMO spinach because that is what I had on hand. I cut the recipe in half because my husband wouldn’t eat it and nothing good would come out of me eating a whole batch of spinach dip! The texture was not as creamy as I had hoped, but I think it was because I miscalculated the reduced measurements. Thankfully, the Cantina chips are strong and good for dipping! The dip had a great flavor and I will definitely make it again!

There are a lot of great recipes on the company site including drink recipes. Check them out and let me know what you think!


Disclosure: In exchange for my review of the Food Should Taste Good products, I received complimentary product from the distributor. I chose the recipes that I made from their website based on my preferences. I only endorse products that I believe in and will feed to my family. 


5 thoughts on “Food Should Taste Good (and these chips do!)

  1. I LOOOOVE these chips! I had them on a recent trip to the US and they are so good! Even better that you can kid yourself they’re ‘good’ for you! Sadly I haven’t been able to find them in the UK tho.

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