Motivational Monday – Humbled by Injury

For most of my adult life, I have considered myself a runner. I started running back in 2005 when a friend asked me to join her in a local 5K race. Once I felt that rush of the finish line, I was hooked! I participated in several local races over the next year.  In November 2006, I fell at a wine festival (after too much wine of course) and suffered a Trimalleolar Fracture. Let this be a lesson to all of you about the dangers of over-imbibing.  After I had surgery to screw my ankle back together and spent two months on crutches, running had become a distant memory. I started training again in early 2008. After very slow start, I was able to add some distance back to my runs and in 2010 I completed my first (and last) full marathon!


Several years have passed and I still love working out. Running is not as big a part of my life, but I continue to participate in a couple of races each year (this picture is from 2012 Disney Half-Marathon). My heart belongs to Orange Theory Fitness which has challenged me both physically and mentally over the last year. I went from a size 8 pant to a size 4 in six months. I started really pushing myself with speed work on the treadmill and finished my last 5K with a new PR! I was feeling pretty good about myself when my knee started acting up. It turns out speed is not my friend. Thankfully the injury is nothing major, but I still had to take it easy for a couple of weeks. We recently had a contest at our gym which encompassed several activities surrounding speed and strength and I had to look on as other members passed me by knowing I was capable but my knee was not. Humbled again…. OTF

Let me get to the motivational part of this post. No matter how careful you are, injuries can still happen. The lesson is in how you recover and get back into the game. I could have given up after my surgery and stopped running altogether or I could have used my knee injury as an excuse to stay away from the gym. I chose to overcome those injuries and get stronger!

This lesson could apply to many areas of our lives where we hit speed bumps that feel like mountains. Don’t give up! There will always be a decline after an incline and eventually you will have some time to coast.


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