The Long Lost Art of Letter Writing

ImageMy job keeps me on the telephone all day and my life is full of text and email conversations. Most of my closest relationships have transformed into text messaging or emailing back and forth. In this age of technology and convenience, we have gotten away from the beauty of a hand-written letter. I remember in middle school and high school writing notes and letters to everyone and passing them back and forth between classes. There were no cell phones so that was how we communicated throughout the day. Admit it; it is a little exciting when you go to the mailbox and there is a letter or a card waiting for you.

I was raised to send thank you notes for everything. It is amazes me how many children (and adults) do not send thank you notes for gifts. This is a great habit to teach your children. Not only will it help teach them gratitude, it also will help them maintain their writing skills.

Take the time today to send a note to a friend or family member! You will make their day and perhaps you will reignite an age old tradition!


Broccoli: 6 Reasons to Eat This Healthy Common Superfood (+ Recipes!)

I am always looking for new broccoli recipes! Our family loves it!


Another eventful few weeks for me! I am now home in Canada (until tomorrow), and have been staying with my parents for the past week. So what’s new with me? About a week before I left the Red River Gorge I came to the realization that my trip was coming to an end. The last month I was there went by so quickly that I had no idea how little time I had left. As a result, once I made the realization I had this sinking feeling in my stomach… apparently I have become very attached to Kentucky over the last few months and to the people who I have been living and climbing with. I had trouble sleeping the first few nights following my ‘epiphany’ until I finally decided that I was going to come right back after my trip to Canada (original plan was to move south to…

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