I Am a Runner

My mom and I are participating in the Women’s Running Series Half Marathon in St. Pete on November 24. Every year, I am reluctant to register and every year my loving mother guilt’s me into it 🙂 The race is terrific; well-organized, has a ton of great vendors, stylish (reusable) goodie bags and a beautiful waterfront course. My only hesitation comes from knee problems. 

After a week off from running because of my mom’s travel schedule and a cold, we ventured back out. I was reminded how much I love our neighborhood. We are in a semi-rural area and around every corner we are surprised by gifts of nature; birds, marsh rabbits, horses and cows to name a few.

There is a little road on our route called Memory Lane and as you turn the corner, the morning sun shines through the trees like strands of gold ribbon. It is breathtaking.

Even after taking time off from running, the minute my feet hit the pavement it welcomes me back like a long-lost friend and I am reminded once again…I am a runner.



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