I have been logging my food for over five years. My weight has fluctuated up and down until about a year ago. Once I started eating properly and exercising regularly my weight stayed within 2-3 pounds of my goal.

I advocate the use of a food log for anyone who is starting a weight loss program or simply wants to learn how eat healthier. Many people have no idea how much they are consuming on a daily basis. Food logs can point out areas where the user is eating in excess like sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat and most importantly calories. They can also help pinpoint areas of deficiency.

I have enjoyed logging my foods however, over the last month it has become a little daunting. My diet is regular and very healthy with the exception of the occasional splurge. My calorie intake is the same almost everyday and I do not have any additional weight to lose. The idea of not logging is a little scary as it has become almost an addiction for me. I have always had issues with controlling my food whether I was eating too much or not eating enough so I felt like the food logs gave me control. It took a while to realize that I have actually lost control since I have become a slave to the food logging.

As I was writing this blog post, I received a friend request on My Fitness Pal. I also use the program with my clients and friends as it helps me be available to them for accountability and support. I will need to maintain my account on the site and motivate others while slowly getting used to not logging my own food. Fingers crossed!

What are your reasons for logging or not logging your food?

For more on info food logging, check out my other post!





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