It’s OK to say NO.


I am a chronic over-scheduler. I could also use “schedule-stuffer” or “calendar-crammer.” You get the picture. When I decided to start promoting my business, I jumped into the networking scene feet first! I signed up for two events every week during the month of January on top of client appointments, family dinners and hanging out with friends. After about three weeks of that schedule, I was finished! This week, I did it again. I managed to book something every night. In case you are wondering no, I do not have kids. I realize this would be nearly impossible with children in the picture. I do have a husband who makes the off-handed remark “You are never home.” from time to time. Honey, I hear you 🙂

I was supposed to be at a networking event tonight which I really enjoyed attending last month, but my gut told me to stay home and spend time with my husband. There is always somewhere to be and something to do these days. We can get so caught up in over-booking our lives that we forget to live them! I understand that building a new business or current career demands can very time-consuming but if your marriage or family have to suffer in the process is it really worth it?

Take a moment to review you schedule and see if there is something (or a couple of things) you can eliminate or postpone. Use that free time to reconnect with your spouse and/or children.

It is OK to say “no.”


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