You have met your weight loss goal…now what?

If you are anything like me, you do much better with goals. I met my weight loss goal back around the new year and decided to stop logging my food at the end of January. It was nice not logging my food but after awhile I felt lost! I thrive on self-motivation and not having any specific goals over the last couple of months has been detrimental to me both physically and mentally. So what do you do when you don’t need to lose anymore weight but you still need goals? 

Set Goals Hand Red Marker

I decided to commit to lose the couple of pounds I gained back and to get toned! My mom and I are going on a cruise in April, so that is a good amount of time to get in shape for bathing suit season! I had stopped going to the gym as often as I like because of scheduling conflicts, so that is another goal. Try to go at least four times per week! When I was going regularly, I felt better and had more energy (both mentally and physically). I just signed up for two classes this week at 6:15am. I am NOT a morning person so that was a huge step for me!

What other personal goals have you set after you have met your weight loss or fitness goals? Share your story!


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