Summer, summer, summertime…

Is anyone else excited about summer???


I am always envious of my teacher friends as I watch their two-month-long exploits unfold on Facebook while I slave away at my computer. On the flip side, I would not trade jobs with them for anything! I digress…summer is almost here! Of course, in Florida we are averaging 85 degree weather which for us is like spring. Come August, I will be singing a different tune.

This time of year has a different feel. There is a feeling of freedom and relaxation in the air. The theme parks in our area stay open later for Summer Nights and it is always fun to go after work and hang out for a couple of hours.

Another thing I love about summer are the fun recipes. We move away from the heavier, cold-weather meals and move toward salads, wraps and fruits and don’t forget the grill! Everything tastes better grilled! As we approach those hazy, lazy days of summer keep your eyes open for light and refreshing recipes coming your way.

Until then, start stocking up on sunscreen and finding the easiest route to the beach!


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