Crock Pot Cooking Made Easy

bigstock-hand-man-chef-cooking-vegetabl-54415118My crock pot has been a life saver on many occasions. Today for example, I was able to throw together a pot of chili that will feed us for several days! A friend of mine recently had a baby and she does not cook very much. I put together crock pot meals for her so she can focus on her sweet newborn.

I use a Hamilton Beach 6 Qt. with a digital timer. My slow cooker is probably 5 years old so they don’t make it anymore, but the link shows the current version. I love the timer and digital display!  

When doing research, be sure the website offers a grocery list to accompany the recipes. It is much easier to plan when you have everything together in one list. If you have a membership to BJ’s, Costco or Sams you can stock up on essentials like meat, canned tomatoes, beans etc. Be sure to check prices at local stores as sometimes grocery store specials can be less expensive than buying in bulk. Produce and farmer’s markets are the best places to get your vegetables. Not only are the prices typically better, the quality is higher since they are usually from local farms. You may find you have a lot of the ingredients already in your pantry! When you are shopping, don’t get sticker shock. Remember that these meals will last you an extended period of time. 

There are dozens of websites dedicated to meal prep for slow cookers. You can find 20 meals in 2 hours, 40 meals in 4 hours and more! Here are a couple of sites to get your started. 

10 Chicken Crock Pot Meals – This is the site I used for the meals I made for my friend. Her recipes are simple and well laid out. Plus, she includes a grocery list which made shopping so much easier! 

12 Freezer Crock Pot Meals – This is the website I am using this weekend to prep more food for my mommy-friend and our family! 

40 Meals in 4 Hours –  For the experienced prepper who is ready to go all out! You can plan your whole month in one day.

Don’t forget Pinterest! There are thousands of freezer prep meals and plans available. The key is to be prepared! Set up stations and of course if you can, get the kids and hubby to help! They can sort, dice, chop and bag the ingredients. 

Let me know which recipes you try and which ones you like the best! 



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