Sugar Detox – Day 8

bigstock-Diet-Dieting-concept-Healthy-31806245We made it through the first week relatively unscathed! My weekly menu consisted mostly of avocado, eggs, bacon and chicken sausage with a variety of vegetables, the occasional green-tipped banana and green apples with almond butter. Dinners were more involved because my husband was included and he is not doing the detox.

Overall, I am not hungry throughout the day and my energy levels have been much higher. For example, Saturday morning I ran 7 miles and ran some errands with my mom. Normally, I would have come home and plopped on the couch for a two hour nap. Instead, I mowed the yard because I wasn’t tired. The first couple of days were not this easy. In fact, I had a terrible headache the second day and some stomach issues. Thankfully, both of those were short-lived!

Friday night, we went to my mom’s and she made dijon mustard chicken which was 21DSD compliant (thanks Mom). She is pretty good about cooking meals that fit with whatever “challenge” I am doing. I was craving a glass of wine on Friday so I had one. Boy did I pay for it Saturday! I had a terrible headache and I felt run down and my morning run was very difficult. We went over to my mom’s last night for dinner and I poured a glass of wine, had one sip and gave the rest to her. I didn’t even want it.

One of the things this detox has taught me is to eat to live, not live to eat. I love to cook and I love to eat. When you are cutting something out like sugar that would normally cause you to want to overeat, food becomes more of a survival tool than for gratification. Yes, that ice cream and cake tastes wonderful and yes a scoop and slice won’t kill you (in most cases) but when you are finished are you truly satisfied? I am realizing I never was. I had trained my brain to eat dessert after every meal so much to the point that on this detox the first thing I want after dinner is something sweet. I have started eating the sugar-free “fudge” as my nightly treat and when I am finished eating, I am truly fulfilled.

I am going to prepare a bit more for the upcoming week. Many nights, I felt like I was scrambling to make something for dinner that both my husband and I could eat. I will check back in at the end of Week 2! Look for recipes as I make them.

If you are interested in the 21 Day Sugar Detox, check out Diane’s page.


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