About Jennifer

I am married to my husband of five years and mommy to our sweet Adeleine Grace. I love the Lord, my family and our little life. We are blessed in SO many ways! We have a small addiction to Disney and try to visit as often as possible. I am also addicted to Orange Theory (my gym) and occasionally running. I think I am more interested in the t-shirts I get at races than the actual running part. We try to live a healthy lifestyle while still maintaining our sanity using small amounts of chocolate. Everything in moderation right? We are goofy and try not to take life too seriously.

My interest in nutrition and wellness began several years ago as I started working out regularly. I realized that no matter how much time I spent in the gym, I could not lose weight without changing my diet. I participated in a 21-day vegan fast where I ate only foods that came from a seed. During that time, I lost 10 pounds and had more physical and mental energy than ever before. While I was not prepared to become a full-time vegan, the fast started me thinking about the nature of the foods I was eating and feeding to my family. I started reading labels and I was horrified by the number of chemicals in our everyday foods. My passion is educating others about healthy diet and healthy living and working with families to do it together!

For nutrition tips, visit (and like) my Facebook page Ivey Nutrition & Wellness

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