My favorite sites!

My favorite website for healthy recipes is Skinny Taste Seriously, go there today. They have all of your favorite recipes made healthier. We have tried several and have never been disappointed.

Another great site is Six Sisters’ Stuff. Yes they are sisters and yes, there are six of them! They have terrific recipes, crafts and other neat stuff!

AND…I just saw this website on their site. My Recipe Magic  How neat is that? You can add your recipes and it will calculate and post the nutrition information.
All you Julia Child wannabe’s get posting!  The format is similar to  Food Gawker or Pinterest.
Yes, I also love those websites.

Chocolate Covered Katie
This website takes recipes we love and makes them healthier! Who wouldn’t want that?
This site grades foods based on nutritional content and provides healthier alternatives when necessary. A very handy tool!

My Fitness Pal
A food journal is a terrific way to monitor your caloric intake as well as track your daily nutrients. Many people are unaware of the number of calories, fat content and protein they consume in a day. The key to weight loss and good nutrition is accountability. My Fitness Pal allows you to share your diary with friends so that you can encourage one another.

How is a girl supposed to get any work done?


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